Old Scout Campfire Reflector Oven

Now, you can have fresh baked goods on all your wilderness adventures.


The Oven is crafted of aluminum and weighs only 24 oz.,
making it perfect for canoeing and backpacking trips.

The Oven uses an innovative tab and slot construction
to slip together quickly and securely.

The traditional campfire reflector oven design is time tested.

The Old Scout Reflector Oven is sized to handle standard 8" pie and cake pans.

Order your Old Scout Reflector Oven for


plus shipping and handling.
(canvas carrying bag included)

Old Scout Campfire Oven is designed for quick and easy assembly

The Old Scout Reflector Oven uses an innovative tab and slot construction to fit together quickly.

How to Assemble Your Campfire Reflector Oven Instructions



  1. You will be cooking with an open fire. If you are not familiar with reflector oven cooking, please have someone show you how to work safely with open flames.
  2. You will be cooking with radiant energy, the surfaces of the oven will always be much hotter than the air around it. The oven gets VERY hot. You must use gloves or oven mitts to prevent burns when handling the hot oven or the pans you put in it. Treat the oven with the same respect you treat the oven in your kitchen back home.
  3. Children and minors should not use the reflector oven without proper training and adult supervision.