Bungee Dealee Bobs are an innovative shock-corded gear fastening system to

quickly and securely attach loose items to your canoe/kayak.

Hands free portaging has never been easier.

Many other uses around the campsite and home.

Bungee Dealee Bob - the reusable zip-tie

Secure paddles to your canoe/kayak

Secure fishing rods into your canoe

Wrap up the ropes in your boat and make them manageable

Secure fishing rods to trees or bushes at your campsite

Attaching map cases to packs and canoe thwarts

Setting up tarps and tents

Hanging flashlights and other items inside a tent

Use to secure clothes to trees or bushes to dry

Attach a BDB to your luggage when traveling and stand out from all the rest

Use as a key chain
The list is endless…invent your own BDB solutions! 
Invent your own problems to be solved with BDBs!

Here is just some of the uses.